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keep that same ~*energy*~

I've come to the realization recently


"matching energy"

really is one of the worst things to do.

especially if you're tryna be better,

trying to elevate,

trying to grow out of old habits.

this whole idea around matching energy really is pointless.

why would I shift my personal energy

to match someone else's when they are giving me a hard time?

do I want to become a mirror of every struggling human that I meet?


I am learning to keep my vibrations high

when others go low.

Keep my spirit alive,

when others have died.

I was having a good day and had some exciting news that I wanted to share with someone I am close with.

as excited as I was to share the news,

I didn't have a thought in my mind that said

"this person may potentially blow your shit today"

so I proceeded with the call, not knowing the irritating and uncalled for energy that was to come.

there were some connection issues with my phone that sent this person into a spiral of emotions

I'm talking about BIG mad.

Like attitude all in their voice

to the point where I didn't even get to share the exciting news and the phone call ended abruptly.

This whole situation really upset me and I was ready to ~*match energy*~

but then I decided, no.

as an instant reaction my eyes let go of a single tear,

if you know me then you know im super emo

and I hate conflict, its just not my thing.

and my excitement was shot when it was met with the bullshit.

but in that moment,

instead of continuing my tears or being filled with anger and annoyance

I chose the high rode.

I made the decision not to let that persons energy change my excitement for the blessings I had coming.

especially over something as dumb as cell towers.

This may seem small but I promise you,

this is a big step for me.

As someone who would resonate with being considered an empath,

I tend to take on emotions quite easily.

crying if my friend cries,

being mad for others,

being stressed about life issues my friends are having as if they are my own.

that type of thing.

and I use to think that having that depth of compassion for anyone,

whether you are close to them or not,

meant that I was a generally good person.

because I care and I want to help ya know

God likes things like that.

But what I didn't have was the understanding that

yes, you can be a compassionate person

you can care

and care

and care some more

but you need to establish the boundary between your life issues and the life issues of others.

there needs to be a wall

that allows you to be compassionate for others

but still understand that you DO NOT


have to take on those emotions.

You can visit them temporarily

but never take them on full time.

You can be in a conversation with someone

and they could get worked up and frustrated and angered

but you DO NOT have to take on those emotions.

remain clam.

recenter yourself and understand that

their energy may be off today

but yours doesn't have to be.

I do believe this goes both ways tho.

if you are upset about something,

keep that same energy.

People love to give advice and try to help others feel better,

I'm *people* lol I'm always trying to cheer my friends up,

but I also have to understand that just because I meet their frustrated/angered/sad energy

with my positive energy,

doesn't mean that they have to magically just snap into rainbows and butterflies.

although this is always my hope, the truth is

they are allowed to feel what they are feeling,

they have the right to sit in and go through those emotions.

they do not have to match my energy because that is just not where they are at in that moment.

The phone call for me was a life lesson,

a revelation that

your energy is important.

your energy is relevant.

your energy is special.

and your energy should be cherished.

and that regardless of the energy that is brought to you,

stay in tune with yourself.

don't feel obligated to change in that moment,

take a step back and think about if it will serve you positively.

and if it doesn't,

then don't reciprocate.

keep your vibrations high.



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