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Give me my ☼ back

I'm a summer baby


I'll be the first to say it.

f*ck winter.

screw the 5 layers


scratchy fabric and

the constant grey overcast.

*(yes, g-r-e-y

I like it spelled best this way.)*

give me my sun back. ☼

and who created

seasonal depression?

Hello God,

is that you?

why can't I shake this?

the best thing,

to me

about the winter

is fashion.

I really give props

to everyone who can still get fly

in 30 degrees

myself included on the weekends,

I try.

but mon-fri

forget about it.

Dressing in the summer is easy,

most of my skin is showing,

brown and glowing

of course

it's hot.

I'm hot,


and quite literally,

I'm in my element.

give me my sun back.

con amor,


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