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I blinked .... *a series of thoughts*

where has time gone?

lost in an instance

it feels like I blinked.

just three months ago

there was hope, I think

in us

for us..

Now I'm healing and life hurts,

but doors are still opening

I think Gods listening..

I'll continue to pray

more peace is coming, I can feel it

I am finding a new residence for the pain,

it can't live here anymore

I can't go through this again.

I am learning to appreciate myself,

for the good and bad is what makes us all unique;

we all bring different plates to the table.

setting the table with you was my favorite though

even if knives were thrown

having you every day

was the dessert that would lead me to my demise

its time for me now,

I have to make space for her.

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